Friday, December 5, 2008

Baku pogromshiks' zest on wane

Armenians are back in Baku. A whole three of them. Two are from the Foreign Ministry and one from Transportation. They had to be admitted for a couple of days as a condition for Baku hosting another one of those TRACECA conferences under the Council of Europe umbrella.

But lest anyone think its back to normal, provocateurs allegedly on employ of Azerbaijani government are at it again. Akif Nagiyev tells Media Forum (in my translation from Russian):

""Our activists are searching for Armenians at the official event in Baku." He declared that they are looking for Armenians to cause them harm:

"Our activists were ordered to go into the Gulistan palace. If they could get in, they would beat up an Armenian and take him outside. But police interfered.

We are now looking for Armenians in various city hotels. Either we will die or they will! There will be some kind of a fatal incident, unless these visits stop."

Nagiyev said that several hotels were visited, but they could not find any Armenians. He again blamed police but promised to continue with this tactic."

Hold up! Does this sound as a credible pogromshik to you? Where is Neimat Panakhov?
In the old days even the Soviet army could not stop truly-motivated pogromshiks. Photo circa 1990.

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