Friday, January 9, 2009

Azeris to attack Yerevan via Jerusalem and other scenic detours

Hardcore Ashura practitioners somewhere in the Middle East.

The Israeli rampage through Gaza is generating all kinds of weird reactions throughout what is known as the Muslim world. Just recently clerics in Iran asked their young people to not volunteer to fight against Israel.

Meantime, [in the breakaway former Iranian province of] Azerbaijan, at a January 7 event marking Ashura*, one local leader Haji Muxtar Rza suggested that "liberation of Karabakh and Iravan would pass through Quds." This is according to

A couple of clarifications and reflections are in order.

Since recently Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, has been renamed into "Iravan" of the "occupied Western Azerbaijan." In early 2008, Ilham Aliyev publicly complained that "Iravan" was originally Azeri land that was treacherously "gifted" to Armenians.

Quds is of course Arabic for Jerusalem, 20 percent of which is occupied by an Armenian quarter.

So the local Haji is suggesting that by supporting the pan-Islamic agenda of capturing Quds, Azeri Muslims will be able to overrun Armenia after presumably overruning the Armenian quarter of Jerusalem.

A new route to be sure, but similar diversions have already been offered.

In their stated effort of overruning and wiping out Armenia, Azerbaijan's apparently atheistic ruling family have alternatively worked Moscow and Washington routes.

The geographically shortest diversion was proposed by late Azeri ex-president Abulfez Aliyev (Elchibey), a secular nationalist who would say that road to the Karabakh capital of Stepanakert lies via Tabriz.

Elchibey's mantra implied that a revanche against Armenia could be achieved via a pan-Turkic effort of "liberating" parts of northwestern Iran.

Considering that Armenians may be of extra-terrestial origin (see the Azeri leaders' disinclination to confront them directly is perfectly understandable.

*this is the day when good Shiites hit themselves with various heavy and sometimes sharp objects in the effort to connect with the martyrdom of Ali's sons.


L. Julius Maximus said...
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L. Julius Maximus said...

What a paranoic post. If Haji Muxtar knows that there is an armenian quater in Jerusalem, then you are the God himself :)

BTW, by calling Azerbaijan, a breakaway province of Iran, you have NO difference from those who call Armenia Western Azerbaijan. I am wandering why you haven't called Azerbaijan Eastern Armenia :)

Ani said...

Get back inside the beltway, Emil. This kind of crap is embarrassing to you and to everybody else.

And that picture is not, of course, from Azerbaijan.

Emil Sanamyan said...

Ali and Ani, thanks for visiting. Come again.